8 Hot Gadgets to Get You Fitter Faster

For the walker:

Using a pedometer is linked to a significant increase in physical activity and significant decreases in body mass index, aka blubber, according to a 2007

Journal of the American Medical Association

study. But pedometers are only about one point higher than a pocket-protector on the cool scale. For an updated and far more attractive version, check out the

that not only displays but also tells you your distance and steps. It's like having a trainer in your pocket. For new moms, the

straps directly onto your stroller's handlebar and tracks average speed, trip distance, and even temperature (so you know exactly when Junior needs his blanket).

For the weight lifter: Metal weights are out. Instead of using dumbbells, try Cando Softgrip hand weights, which are comfortable, easy to grip, and even color-coded by weight. Plus, they're great for home storage. 

For the swimmer: This is a swimmer's dream come true. The Finis SwiMP3v2 underwater MP3 player is completely waterproof and uses bone conduction to give great sound quality through tough pool workouts. 

For the runner: Just when you'd rather run in a permanent state of dehydration than lug your water bottle around the park again, Swiggies creates the wrist water bottle. Though the infomercial is laughable, these 5.5-ounce bottles are ideal for distance runners.

If you are irritated by renegade shoelaces, Yankz provides an easy answer with its sure-lace cord that ensures you won't ever have to stop to tie a lace again.

For the eclectic exerciser: Bored with your workout? Though rebounding, or aerobic exercise on a trampoline, has been around for years, it has made a comeback and spread to gyms all over the country. Jump4Health mini-trampoline can be set up anywhere, folds easily, and even comes with a free instructional DVD. And just in case you were wondering, rebounding is a NASA-approved workout.

For the dancer: If you can't make it to your favorite dance class, the Fluidity bar may be what you're looking for. It provides the stability of a bar mounted to a wall, but it folds neatly to the size of a beach chair. You can use it for stretching or a ballet-Pilates combination workout. You may get those dancer's legs back after all.

Let me know if you've tried any of this new fitness gear and what you think of it. And if you have any suggestions of your own, I'm all ears!