Pam Carr

Pam Carr graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi with a degree in dietetics and nutrition.

She has been a registered dietitian since 1999 and a certified nutrition support dietitian since 2002. She is also INTERxVENT certified.

Pam has been employed at Forrest General since 1997. She currently works at Forrest General Wellness as a registered dietitian providing weight management counseling and medical nutrition therapy for chronic diseases.

Her interests include running, gardening, cooking, spending time with friends and family and attending USM sporting events.

Week Three Update

I was very excited this week to see what everyone’s weight loss would be tonight. Most of the group had significant weight loss last week and not as much this week. I explained to them that this was not unusual and to continue with their current meal plans. They are all trying really hard and making great progress. I am very proud of everyone’s effort and weight loss progress. I know that all of the lifestyle changes that have been implemented will pay off.  This week we covered the following topics in our group session – (1) restaurant menu items with 500 calories or less, (2) tips for recognizing high fat menu items, and (3) weight loss myths.

Week Five Update

This week we discussed adding fiber to their diets and the role that fiber plays in weight loss. Fiber helps with early satiety and helps you feel full longer. Discussed that fiber should be added slowly, 2-4 gms per week, to avoid any adverse GI disturbances. Adequate fluid intake is also important when eating a high fiber diet.



Week Six Update


This week is our half-way point. I decided to repeat everyone’s measurements (waist, hip, chest, mid-arm, and mid- calf) since some were not really excited about their weight loss. It was very encouraging for everyone to see the number of inches that they had lost since beginning the competition. I did give the group handouts on healthy grocery shopping since next week will be the grocery cart makeover activity.



Week Seven Update


This week I did things a little differently at our weekly weigh-in. I decided to weigh everyone at the end of the group meeting. I felt like sometimes people were too upset about their lack of weight that they did not comprehend all of the presented information. I think that this format worked better. Tonight we discussed options for healthy lunches.


Week Eight Update


This week we discussed why eating breakfast is important to weight loss and some ideas for a quick, healthy breakfast. Recent research has shown that people who eat breakfast are nearly 50% less likely to become obese as compared to those who do not eat breakfast.

The total weight loss for the group is 153.6 lbs. That is so awesome!



Week Nine Update


This week at our weekly weigh-in, we discussed why having a snack between meals can actually be a good thing. Snacking between meals may prevent you from over eating at the next meal. Also, evidence shows that your resting metabolic rate speeds up after each meal (due to thermic effect of food). Thermic effect of food is the process of how the body uses calories to digest, absorb, transport, and store food. Typically, the thermic effect of food represents only about 10% of the calories burned per day. The best choice for a snack is one that contains some protein or fiber that will leave you feeling full for a longer time; this is because it takes longer for the stomach to digest. Sugary foods have the opposite effect. They are digested quickly, so you will get hungry quicker.