Favre's Latest Touchdown...

Brett Favre is back. It remains to be

seen whether he'll still be the leader of the Pack.

The Green Bay Packers reluctantly embraced Favre's forced return

to the football field Sunday, after failing to come to a financial

agreement that would manage to make Favre happy while staying


And while it's not yet clear what role Favre will play once he

reports to Packers camp Monday, Aaron Rodgers says he's ready for a

potential competition with Favre after serving as his backup for

three seasons.

"I'm a competitor. I'm going to compete," Rodgers said after a

scrimmage Sunday night. "This isn't going to be easy. It's going

to be a dogfight. And I know if they do open it up to competition,

not a lot of people give me a chance, but I believe in myself and

I'm going to be the best I can be and let coach decide from


Packers coach Mike McCarthy said he hasn't decided what

direction his quarterback situation will take. Given Favre's track

record of waffling on his football future, McCarthy first wants to

talk to Favre on Monday before he makes any decision on opening the

job up to competition.

"There have been no promises," McCarthy said. "Once again,

there has been indecision throughout Brett's path back here to

Green Bay. It's important for us to sit down and communicate."

The NFL announced Sunday that Favre will be reinstated and added

to the Packers' active roster on Monday. Commissioner Roger Goodell

had held off on granting Favre's request for reinstatement for

nearly a week, hoping Favre and the team could resolve their


"Although we built this year around the assumption that Brett

meant what he said about retiring, Brett is coming back," said

team president and CEO Mark Murphy. "We will welcome him back and

turn this situation to our advantage."

A private plane carrying Favre, wife Deanna and agent James

"Bus" Cook arrived in Green Bay shortly after 8 p.m. EDT Sunday

night. Favre exited the plane and waved to a crowd of a few hundred

fans gathered at the airport - in a severe lightning storm, no less

- before driving off in an SUV.

The reinstatement will become effective at 1 p.m. EDT Monday,

when Favre will be added to the Packers' active roster. By

reinstating Favre, Goodell is following through on a recent promise

to force action.

"I'm happy," veteran receiver Donald Driver said. "I'm

excited. It's good to have him back in the house."

Earlier this week, the team offered Favre a long-term,

multimillion-dollar marketing agreement that likely would have kept

him retired. But Favre's decision to report to camp makes such an

agreement far less likely.

A trade remains a possibility. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

reported on its Web site late Sunday night that the Packers have

had preliminary contact with the Vikings on a potential trade for


"Frankly, Brett's change of mind put us in a very difficult

spot," Murphy said in a statement released by the team. "We now

will revise many actions and assumptions about our long-term

future, all predicated on Brett's decision last March to retire.

"As a result of his decision, we invested considerably in a new

and different future without Brett and we were obviously moving in

that direction. That's why this wasn't easy. Having crossed the

Rubicon once when Brett decided to retire, it's very difficult to

reorient our plans and cross it again in the opposite direction -

but we'll put this to our advantage."

Could reorienting their plans include a competition between

Favre and Aaron Rodgers for the starting job? Team officials have

maintained that if Favre returned to the Packers, it would be in

some role other than as the starter - a job that belonged to


In his statement, Murphy said only that coach Mike McCarthy

would "talk to the team and the quarterbacks about the plan moving

forward, and after he has done that we will share it publicly."

Rodgers had a rough night in the Packers' annual "Family

Night" scrimmage at Lambeau Field on Sunday night, as a few boos

were mixed in with enthusiastic cheers from the crowd of 56,600

when he was introduced.

"Yeah, I take it personally," Rodgers said of the fan

reaction. "But like I said, it's not the first time and it won't

be the last time."

Rodgers hit his first pass of the night to Donald Driver, and

drew a pass interference penalty on a deep pass to Driver on the

next play. He then missed on his next six attempts, including

several balls that seemed to bounce off receivers' hands.

After he threw another three incompletions to begin a simulated

two-minute drill, Rodgers appeared to be heating up until he threw

an interception in the end zone to safety Aaron Rouse.

McCarthy said Rodgers was "solid," and the offense struggled

as a unit.

The Packers do not have another scheduled public practice until

Tuesday afternoon. Favre's arrival in training camp could cause a

major disruption to the team, although he may not begin practicing

with the rest of the team right away.

Favre retired in March but has been having second thoughts. Team

officials have insisted in recent weeks that they are moving on

with Rodgers, though, causing tensions to rise between Favre and

the team.

Team officials publicly have ruled out releasing Favre, fearing

he would immediately sign with division rival Minnesota.

McCarthy has said the Packers had a plan in place should Favre

report to camp. He first would have to pass a physical exam and a

conditioning test, then may be limited to individual drills.

Rodgers remains the starter - for now, anyway.

"If we played a game tomorrow, Aaron Rodgers would be the

starting quarterback," McCarthy said. "I'm not going to change

any direction that we've gone with this football team based on the

information I have here today. That's part of our conversation

tomorrow, and we have all the confidence in the world in Aaron."