Editorial: Governor Puts Trust in Trusty

I remember hearing the late Mississippi governor Ross Barnett quoted after a prison trusty was arrested for stealing silverware from the governor’s mansion where he was serving part of his sentence that, “If you can’t trust a trusty, who can you trust?” 
Sounds like current governor Haley Barbour is of a like mind. Michael David Graham, serving a life sentence since convicted by a Gulf Coast jury after stalking his ex-wife of three years - Adrienne Klasky - for walking up to her car at while she was stopped at an intersection and mortally shooting her in the face with a shotgun, ended up working for the Governor at his mansion a few years back.
Last week, Governor Barbour decided Graham had proven himself worthy to be set free after only 19 years and did so. 
Gulf Coast residents, the victim’s family and Jackson County Law officials bitterly disagree with the governor’s decision to set free the man who committed this horrific and brutal murder. So do we. 
It’s too bad Adrienne Klasky can’t get a second chance. 
I’m Jim Cameron for Seven On Your Side. Let us know what you think.
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