Hattiesburg police execute drug bust

A Hattiesburg Man has been charged with possession of marijuana, powdered cocaine and crack cocaine.

Hattiesburg police arrested, Eddrick Cyrus, 32, Wednesday around 9:30 a.m. The Mississippi Department of Corrections and Hattiesburg Police responded to a residence on Bowling Street for a home visit.

Authorities found Cyrus to be in the possession of about $45,000, a pound of marijuana, an ounce of powdered cocaine and crack cocaine valued at over $5,600. Police credit the arrest to Hattiesburg citizens.

"Right now, this investigation was due to the complaint of citizens, so we thank the citizens for getting us the information about this so more citizens can come forward," said Mark Mitchell with the HPD. "There will be more arrests like this in the future."

Cyrus was transported to Forrest County Regional Jail.