Lumberton residents asking governor for help

Some residents of Lumberton are speaking out, saying they have had enough of the board of aldermen and are looking to get the state to step in.
Officials with the state say they are unwilling to do so.

Resident Jack McMullen is spearheading a petition to Governor Haley Barbour to bring in a chancellor to investigate allegations of mishandling of funds by the board. Registered voters in Lumberton will have an opportunity to sign this petition starting at 7 a.m. today at the Ben Barrett community center.

"That is been spoken by the Governor that he would guarantee that if we had 351 signatures that he would appoint a chancellor and send him down," said Lumberton Mayor Larry Strahan. "From talking with Mr. McMullen, that will happen within a week after the petition is delivered to the Governor's Office."

Officials with the Governor's Office denied such a guarantee has been made and added they would rather not get involved with the issue.