Editorial: Will He or Won't He Play Again?

I recently heard a line in a movie to the effect that the years take things away from you inch by inch, so slowly sometimes until you don't realize you've lost them until they are gone.

That can apply to people, money, physical and mental abilities, almost anything. Right now a lot of speculation is being expounded as to whether native son Brett Favre will change his mind about his announced retirement from the NFL last March and seek to return.

After 17 seasons in professional football and a legendary career at Southern Miss, Favre finished at the top of his game with his awesome quarterbacking skills still shining. It almost reminded me of Michael Jordan winning the championship game for the Chicago Bulls by sinking a last-second shot in his retirement game. A storybook finish to a storybook career and legend.  Then he comes back and finishes up with the Washington Wizards. Things didn't work out so great there, and a super hero just sort of faded away instead of ending with a true flourish.

As big a Brett Favre Fan as I personally happen to be, enjoying every minute of his career, I would hate to see him come back and not accomplish the expectations that would come with him.

I'd hate to see a 25-year-old head hunter do permanent damage to the heretofore toughest quarterback to play the game. At 38, there are many years of challenges of all types for Favre to put his considerable talents and charismatic leadership skills to accomplishing.

I'd kind of like to see how the next chapter in our hometown hero's life plays out, not an addendum to an already great epic.

I'm Jim Cameron, we'd like to know what you think.

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