Lumberton residents want to kick out aldermen

Some residents in Lumberton are fed up with the city's aldermen, and they are planning to overthrow the entire board.

About a 100 people gathered at the Lamar County Community Center after resident Jack McMullen called for change at City Hall.

McMullen spoke of alleged illegal proceedings by the board, and said it is time to take power away from the aldermen.

He is leading a petition drive to throw them out. Residents say the board can not get along, and some aldermen are misappropriating funds.

It was revealed at the meeting City Clerk Jo Ann Ladner is suing the city, alleging sexual discrimination. She claims she is being paid less than other department heads.

The petition will be passed around July 16 at the community Center. Mcmullen says he needs 351 signatures to begin the process, which starts with a hearing.