Editorial: Bring a Toothbrush

The late Stanton Hall, a renowned local circuit judge, used to occasionally invoke what came to be known as “the toothbrush rule."
When a recalcitrant jury could not agree on a verdict in what the judge considered a reasonable period of time, the judge would tell them to call their families and have them bring their tooth brushes because they were going to be there until they came up with a decision. 
Seems to me like that would be a good prescription for the governor and the legislature as they continue to burn up the roads between their homes and Jackson for special sessions on how to best fund the Medicaid short fall. 
The last we heard, the governor was talking about going around the legislature and trying to take it to the courts. Don’t we have judges legislating from the bench too much already? We’ve made similar suggestions in the past but this is ridiculous. There are too many special agendas and partisan politics at play here and it is doing nothing but costing the tax payers even more. 
As we said once before, lock them all up in the capitol together, turn off the air conditioners, and don’t let anyone from the governor to the lawmakers out until they come up with a reasonable solution for this seemingly never-ending problem.  
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