Jones County man jailed for burglary

A Jones County man is behind bars on a $30,000 bond tonight for allegedly burglarizing two Jones County businesses.

Authorities arrested and charged David Gibson, 18, of Shady Grove with three counts of commercial burglary.

Sheriff Alex Hodge said  Gibson broke into a muffler shop over the weekend on Hwy 15 north and a Convenience Corner on Trace Road. Authorities said this is the second time this month the convenience corner was burglarized. Hodge said Gibson admitted to burglarizing both businesses.

"Again, this weekend our team just continues to excel in efforts to provide protection and service to this county," said Hodge. "But, it comes with involvement from the community. He has accepted full responsible for all three of these burglaries."

Hodge said because of recent rain, gGbson was unable to cover his tracks, literally, Muddy footprints lead deputies from the muffler shop right to the front door of his mobile home.