Woman attempts to burn down daycare center

Authorities are attempting to identify a suspect seen in a surveillance video from the "Land of Make Believe" daycare center on Shoreline Drive, off Weathersby Road in Hattiesburg.
Tuesday night, a white female pulled up to the daycare in what is believed to be a light-colored Chevy Cavalier. She tried to set fire to the daycare by sliding a flaming material under the door.
Surveillance video also showed she came back Wednesday night, but drove off without getting out of her car.

"The night prior to that, at Lamar voting precinct the same thing happened," said James Smith, fire investigator with the Lamar County Sheriff's Department. "The door was set on fire.We don't know if they're connected, but we're trying to connect them."

If you have information about this crime, phone Metro Crime Stoppers at 61-582-STOP.