Wicker visits Hattiesburg

Mississippi Republican Senator Roger Wicker made a campaign stop in Hattiesburg Friday.

He met with employees of Hudson's corporate warehouse. The senator also campaigned in Jackson and Laurel.

Wicker is competing against Ronnie Musgrove for former senator Trent Lott's remaining four years of a six-year senate term. Many of Wicker's supporters say the economy and gas prices are important issues they want addressed if he is elected.

"This oil and gas crisis that we have is taking a toll on the middle class," said Wicker. "It's taking its toll on the economy. People are worried about the economy. I think in large measure it's because of our foolish overly protective environmental laws. We can be environmentalists, but we can also use the energy that God has given us here in the United States of America."

Senator Wicker will appear with President Bush in July for a campaign event in Jackson.