Editorial: Remembering Tim Russert

In any profession there are those who are outstanding, those who are good, and of course some who probably should be in another line of work. 
Then there are a special few elite individuals who only come along once in a long while that set the standard by which true excellence is judged. 
In the field of political journalism, Tim Russert was the “gold standard” of this generation. He rose from humble roots to become host of “Meet the Press” and NBC’s Washington Bureau Chief. 
In a day when folks brand - rightfully or not - journalists based on their perceived political and social bent, I always felt Tim Russert played it right down the middle. 
He asked equality tough questions of guests of all persuasions. He was also a man of strong religious faith, an exceptional family man, and well liked by all who knew him. 
As you probably know from people more eloquent than I, Tim passed away from a sudden heart attack Friday afternoon working on his show. He was 58. 
Several years ago I had the privilege of meeting Tim Russert at an NBC meeting. I told him I was from WDAM in Hattiesburg/Laurel, Mississippi. He immediately said, “Marvin Reuben.” Recalling of course our original and long time general manager.
He never forgot his roots, or the people he met along the way. Tim Russert will be succeeded, but he can never be replaced. 
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