Lumberton disagreement leads to garbage pile up

Garbage in Lumberton is piling up on city streets and the town's mayor says one city alderman is responsible for the situation.

Mayor Larry Strahan is blaming the city's lack of garbage service this week on Alderman Terry Cannaday.

Last week, the city's only garbage truck broke down, leaving the town without garbage pick-up. Earlier this month, the board of aldermen were set to buy another truck during a board meeting, but Cannaday walked out over a personnel dispute with the mayor before a vote on the truck could be taken.

Now, the mayor says it will be next week before the aldermen can vote to buy another truck.

"This is not about any personal agenda, and it's alright to stand up and give your personal opinion," said Strahan. "But at least stay and vote for what's good for the citizens of Lumberton."

Strahan said two aldermen, Cannaday and Quincy Jones, wanted to call a special meeting to deal with the truck situation this afternoon, but not enough board members were available.

We made repeated calls to Cannaday for a response, but those calls were not answered.