Dupree seeking meeting with creosote manufacturer

Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny Dupree is asking a creosote chemical company for a meeting to put an end to the controversy over creosote contamination in Hattiesburg's east side.

In a letter addressed to the CEW of Tronox, based in Oklahoma City, Dupree informs the company, which was a chemical division of the old Kerr-Magee plant, that recent creosote testing done in the area of the former site has conflicting results.

In writing, Dupree states "We believe that the residents on the east side of the drainage ditch were not treated fairly as it relates to compensation."

Tronox was responsible for the initial cleanup of the contamination, but years after the plant left town many residents are still confidant creosote is still in the ground, which is why Dupree wants to put an end to it.