Representatives tour Hattiesburg's alleged toxic land

City and state representatives toured Monday what some are saying is toxic land in South Hattiesburg.

There are concerns among residents and the Forrest County Environmental Support Team testing done by a contractor, Apex, did not follow the proper guidelines, and several areas in South Hattiesburg still show traces of toxic materials.

"Many places don't look the same way they looked 40, 50, 70 years ago," said Vice President of the Hattiesburg City Council David Ware. "So we were able to see where the ditches were originally. Although I knew where they were, Chairman Mayo was able to see ok what you see now is not what was here before. The drainage has been taken care of; this drainage process that went through here no longer exists."

The information the city receives from testing will be forwarded to the Department of Environmental Quality and Chairman Mayo, who will follow up on the situation.