MEMA, National Guard gear up for hurricanes

Governor Haley Barbour has declared this week as Statewide Hurricane Preparedness Week.

Officials of the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency and the National Guard were at Camp Shelby Tuesday with vehicles they hope will help with communications after a disaster.

These same vehicles were the only link from the Gulf Coast to the rest of the state and the nation following Katrina.

"This is dual purposed," said MEMA director Mike Womack. "First, we wanted to show the people of Mississippi the equipment that MEMA has and the National Guard has that we can use to communicate and manage during a hurricane and any type of an incident."

"Second," he added. "We wanted to highlight to the public that while the National Guard and MEMA have a lot of capabilities to help people who have been affected by hurricanes, it's still up to the public to make sure they're prepared."