Editorial: Memorial Day

I heard a chilling tape broadcast on a radio show the other day.

A couple, who had a son serving in Afghanistan, came home to some disturbing sounds on their answering machine. You see, their son had a cell phone in his pocket ,and the number with their speed dial was apparently pressed while he was in the middle of a fire fight. 

While somewhat garbled, it was evident what was going on. You could hear the machine gun fire, the rifle fire, the rockets and mortars. Soldiers were screaming, and the chaos and horror of battle was constant for the three minutes the answering machine would contain. 
You could hear their son yell his barrel was over-heating; he was running low on ammo. In previous battles several of his close friends had been killed. The last thing on the message machine was him shouting "incoming, incoming, incoming…,"and the machine stopped. 
Can you imagine the horror these parents experienced while listening to what could have been their son’s last words? Fortunately, he was alright and survived the battle intact. 
Throughout the history of this nation, countless loved ones have gotten the word that their son or daughter did not survive. Young lives cut short by the ultimate sacrifice for their country thousands of miles from home. Dying in terrible ways in the terror of armed combat. Giving their life’s blood for their friends…for you and me. 
Think about that this Monday when we commemorate Memorial Day. That’s the least we can do. 
I’m Jim Cameron…let us hear from you.
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