Suspect in former supervisor's murder released

In Stone County a murder suspect is free, and police are reorganizing a new search for clues.

Bobby Hendrix was released from the Stone County Regional Correctional Facility Friday afternoon. He was facing capital murder charges for the death of former Stone County Supervisor Duncan Hatten.

Stone County Sheriff Mike Farmer said, "We had enough circumstantial evidence in the start to make an arrest, a probable cause arrest."

Farmer said the bloody shirt found at Hendrix's home did not match the blood of Hatten. Even though Hendrix is not completely cleared, it is back to square one for investigators. As for the family of Hatten, hearing the only suspect was released was another devastating blow.

"It was just like the day it happened, all over again," said Hatten's son, Jody, who discovered Hatten shot to death in his own garage.

Hatten had called the police after his home alarm has been set off. Police arrived and searched the home finding nothing and left soon after. Later, his son would check on him and find him dead.

Investigators said it was a home invasion. Now, Jody and the rest of his family are pleading, hoping someone will come forward.

Hatten said, "We need some type of resolution to this, the family is just all disappointed, scared to death and we want some type of closure."

The reward for information leading to an arrest in the case has been doubled. It now stands at $4,000.