Local firefighters honored

Several Jones County volunteer fire fighters were honored Monday for their courageous work.

Officials from AMKUS Rescue System gave Star Awards to 19 volunteer fire fighters from Glade, M and M, and Powers Fire Departments. This was the second time the award has been given in the nation.
Back in January, several volunteers removed a driver of an 18-wheeler who was involved in an accident along Highway 15 South from his truck using AMKUS rescue tools. The volunteers say being recognized was a great honor.

"It was really hard day out there that day," said Lance Chancellor of the Jones County Volunteer Fire Department. "There was rain, sleet, diesel and a driver that was literally begging for his life, begging for us to get him out of that vehicle. It was good feeling of accomplishment because that's what we do it for, because we don't get paid. So a thank you goes a long way for a volunteer fire service."