Editorial: Online Predators

On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, Seven on Your Side Reporter Mike McDaniel will have feature stories on the 6 pm edition of News Seven about the ongoing problem of sexual predators on the Internet who prey on minors. 
Despite the technological advances at their disposal, law enforcement and prosecutors are still having a difficult time staying a step ahead of those who would take advantage of our youth in this terrible manner. 
Lest you think this is a problem that happens elsewhere, numerous arrests have been made locally, including convicted sexual predator Charles Barlow of Lumberton. 
This series is a must see for young people and parents alike as we show you things parents should know and give you information on state programs that have been enacted to help combat this awful crime. 
As for the perpetrators themselves, we can think of few - if any - punishments too harsh for the scars they leave on their young victims. This is a problem we all need to fight together to keep the perverts at bay. Join News Seven’s Mike McDaniel at 6 this Tuesday and Wednesday evenings to find out more. 
I’m Jim Cameron with today’s Viewpoint for Seven on Your Side. Let us hear from you.