Construction on USM's Trent Lott building to resume

The Trent Lott building on The University of Southern Miss campus has hit some snags in completion, but school officials say construction is still on track, just a little behind.

Construction began in February of 2005 for the new Economic Development Center and USM President Martha Saunders said after Hurricane Katrina hit the school construction had to halt as other buildings on campus had to be repaired.

Although the building is currently about six months behind, Saunders said all the funds are still intact to get it built.

"Right now we're reviewing all the programs seeing what is just the best fit to put in here," said Saunders. "Things have changed. I mean this, the conceptualization of this project started two presidents ago, so I'm benefiting from a lot of hard work and a whole lot of thinking on that. So, we're very, very close and I think the community is really going to enjoy it."

The building is expected to be completed in about a year.