Editorial: Nurse Appreciation Week

If you’ve ever spent any time in a health care facility or had to have professional health care at home, you know what an absolute lifeline a good nurse can be. 
As critical as a physician’s care is, a doctor can’t be there all the time. But, having had a few serious medical issues in my own life and the lives of some family members has shown me that good nursing care around the clock is almost like having a guardian angel to call upon. 

It takes a lot of dedication and hard work to answer the call to be a true care-giver. The work is often unappreciated, and the pay is certainly less than deserved. Far fewer people than we need are choosing the path to a nursing career today, but the best ones do it because they care deeply about their fellow human.

From the days of Florence Nightingale carrying her oil lamp onto the battlefield to the nurses, men and women alike who perform the many duties that mean so much to those who are hurting, the true spirit of nursing is still alive in them.  
The Nurse’s motto is: “We’re here for you and we’re here because of you” is a truism as old as the profession. This week is Nurse Appreciation Week. We truly do appreciate the nurses among you and we salute you. 
On an even more personal note, I’ve had the privilege of being married to a nurse 35 years this month and have seen first-hand what the job and the commitment is all about. 
God bless you all. 
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