Ellisville denies resident opportunity open to restaurant

The Ellisvile City Council said no Wednesday to an upscale restaurant in their downtown area.

The Council voted three to two against Ellisville native Jocelyn McGilberry who had dreamed of turning her antebellum home at Calhoun Street and Hwy 29 into a fine-dining restaurant.

Originally three residents in the community were against the rezoning of the area. The pastor of the First Baptist Church Frankie Clark was one. He now thinks the idea of having a restaurant downtown is great, but says he was only concerned about the sale of alcohol.

The other two members against the rezoning want the area to remain residential.

McGilberry said she is upset and disappointed because the city gives variance all the time.

"I don't know what the issue is or why it's a problem issuing me a variance," she said. "I know don't."

McGilberry said she is unsure what she will do with the property now.