Oak Grove students stage protest over gas prices

Instead of driving or taking the bus to school, Oak Grove High School students found another way to get to school Friday.

Students took to the streets and made the 25-minute walk to show their disdain with gas prices.

Over 100 students joined in the protest, and the Lamar County Sherriff's Department escorted the students along a back road.

Rising gas prices have dug many of them in a hole, they said, and they wanted people to know students' pockets are being picked too.

They called thier campaign "Save the Earth One Revolution at a Time." It started in the class room, and they consider it a success complete with a Facebook event page inviting students to join the cause.

Oak Grove High School principal Wayne Folkes said he feels their pain when it comes to gas prices. He has been in full support of the protest since the beginning.

"They are having to work extra, and it may be cutting into to other things that they would like to do," said Folkes. "So it's just a way for them to make a statement saying 'please help us out gas companies.'"