Okatoma Fest./Day in Park unaffected by rain

Last night's bad weather had many people concerned that some anticipated outdoor events might be canceled today.  But, that wasn't the case in Collins, for the 19th annual Okatoma Festival. 

All scheduled activities from canoe races to car shows took place.  And although gas prices are high and the economy may be slowing down, festival organizers say many attendees did spend some cash at the event.

It ended with a street dance that concluded at 10 o'clock.

And in Laurel, the early morning rains caused the starting time for the annual, Day in the Park to be pushed back an hour.  But, aside from that, the event at Mason Park was a success, according to organizers.

It gives families a chance to learn all about the arts while enjoying the outdoors.  Paintings and other items were also available for purchase.

Live entertainment was provided and there were plenty of games and activities just for kids.

This was the 36th year for Day in the Park.