Editorial: Military Appreciation Day

Editorial: Military Appreciation Day

Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny DuPree has proclaimed the period of May 1 through June 14 2008 as a time for special appreciation of our nation's military.

A number of days of appreciation for various military organizations and achievements take place during this period, and in 2004 the United States Congress passed a resolution proclaiming May as National Military Appreciation Month. 

We appreciate Mayor Dupree taking it a step further and extending the time period in the City of Hattiesburg. As his proclamation states in part, "The freedom and security that citizens of the United States enjoy today are direct results of the bloodshed and continued vigilance given by the United States Armed Forces over the history of our great nation (and) the sacrifices that such members (and the family members who support them), have preserved the liberties that have enriched this nation making it unique in the world community."

We should take every opportunity to honor members of our military services - past, present and future - in all possible ways and let them know we support and appreciate them more than they can ever know.

I'm Jim Cameron and that's today's Editorial Viewpoint.  Let us hear from you.

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