Editorial: Special Sessions

Governor Barbour’s call for a special session of the legislature just as the regular session ended will make a total of 20 special sessions for Mississippi’s legislature in only eight years. 
With each special session costing $60,000 a day the first day and $40,000 a day for each successive day, that is a lot a tax payer’s dollars. 
We realize some of these special sessions were necessary, but we have to wonder why the lawmakers and various governors can’t seem to get the state’s business done in their allotted time more often.   
Granted, five of the special sessions came in the year following Hurricane Katrina - that was indeed an unusual time. Others have been over economic development projects that called for unforeseen quick decisions by the lawmakers. But surely, many of the issues that end up in special session could have been worked out without the additional tax burden and the going back and forth to Jackson of the House and Senate. 
I’m Jim Cameron and that’s my viewpoint. What’s yours?  Write and let us know.
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