Editorial: McNair comes in for a landing

Air McNair has come in for a landing.

Six weeks after South Mississippi's Brett Favre announced his retirement as a legendary NFL quarterback at Green Bay, Mt. Olive's own favorite son Steve McNair, another legendary NFL quarterback, announced his retirement as quarterback of the Baltimore Ravens.

Steve McNair accomplished so much as a quarterback, including an MVP award and a near upset win in the Super Bowl playing for the Tennessee Titans. Despite his outstanding performance and impressive statistics, Steve McNair, considered by many as one of the toughest players to ever play the game, proved over and again off the field he had one of most tender hearts.

He and Favre joined their charitable foundations, their celebrity, and their drive to meet untold numbers of needs after Hurricane Katrina when their beloved Mississippi needed them most.

McNair has hosted free football camps all over for over 6,000 kids aged 7 to 18, the last two being at USM with two more scheduled there this year. Last year Steve McNair dug into his own pocket to see to it 30 kids in Collins had a Christmas.

He said his main goal in retirement was to strengthen his foundation and continue to do even more to help others. He thrilled us for 13 years in the NFL as well as his college years at Alcorn and high school in Mount Olive with his amazing athletic ability. I'm sure he'll continue to thrill countless others in the years to come with his heart that loves to give.

Thank you and congratulations to Steve McNair, one of South Mississippi's finest.

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