PRCC presidents speaks out about nursing debacle

All 45 students failed their psychiatric nursing final exam at Pearl River Community College last week, leading to 19 failing the course.
A grievance committee decided to allow a retake, which upset some students, but
PRCC president William Lewis is defending the school's decision and their reputation.
"As a student I feel cheated because I've worked very hard for my grade here at Pearl River Community College," said PRCC nursing student Fortenberry.

PRCC Presidesnt William Lewis said it was a fair decision.

"Are all parties happy? No. There are probably some parties that are unhappy on either side of the fence, but is it a reasonable solution," said Lewis.

During the committee hearing, Lewis said students and faculty were allowed to voice their concerns over the exam. Students claimed they were tested on material they were not prepared for and was not covered. Faculty members felt the students aquired some inaccurate study material from unknown sources, giving way for a retake.

"We have a good nursing program here at Pearl River Community College, this is definitely a stumbling block," said PRCC nursing student Chad Douget.

"I'm really concerned about the integrity of this school," said Danielle Thigpin. "I'm afraid that employers are not going to want hire us and deem us incompetent based on all of this commotion with the test results."

Lewis said these concerns are unwarranted, adding "We have a very fine nursing program that will stand up against any other program in this state whether it be community college or whether it be university level."

According to statistics provided by PRCC, students from the wildcat campus during the past three years scored better or equal to other Pine Belt colleges on the national licensing exam. Lewis said, based on the concerns surrounding the test in question, he feels the school is not setting a precedent.

Lewis said, "While there is some negative reflection on this whole issue, involved in taking this particular test that's come into question, the overall results of our nursing program is that we have a very positive program."