Pruitt trial continues today

Court resumed this morning in the trial of a Laurel man could spend the rest of his life in prison if convicted of murder.

The trial started Wednesday for Maurice Pruitt who allegedly shot and killed David McMillian outside of the American Legion hut on St. Elmo Street last summer.

Wednesday, the state called several witnesses - two Laurel police officers and the mayor of laurel. The shift commander for that night testified that when she arrived on the scene she found the McMillian in a pool of blood, barely breathing.

Pruitt's attorney argued Laurel police didn't secure the scene, and evidence had been sent to the crime lab investigators knew nothing about. He questioned why the lead investigator never visited the homicide scene.

Mayor Melvin Mack was one of the state's key witnesses. He testified Pruitt showed up at his house two hours after the shooting. Mack said Pruitt admitted to shooting McMillian because Pruitt thought McMillian had a gun.