Jackson man arrested for drug possession in Hattiesburg

A 32-year-old Jackson resident has been arrested for possesion of marijuana during a traffic stop in Hattiesburg.

Ben Wolfe was arrested for possesion of over three pounds of marijuana during a traffic stop near the intersection of WSF Tatum Road and Hwy 49.

Undercover agents received an anonymous tip from concerned residents around the area.

"One of our Hattiesburg officers was assigned as an agent to the 12th narcotics enforcement team," said Public Information Officer Synarus Green. "He was doing a follow-up to some information that he received from the public. He made contact with Mr. Wolfe ,who was driving a 2000 silver Lincoln Navigator and discovered that there was three-and-a-half pounds of marijuana in that vehicle."

Wolfe was taken into custody and transported to the Forrest County Regional Jail where he was charged with one felony count of possesion of marijuana.