Officials urge residents not to burn

Mississippi Forestry Commission officials are urging local residents not to burn.

Hundreds of acres have burned in South Missisippi since Easter because of brush fires fueled by high winds.

"The Forestry Commission has a toll-free number you can call, and they'll tell you if the conditions are right to burn or if conditions are bad to burn," said Chad Bassett of the Commission. "Like today, with the humidity around 18 percent, we had a red flag. We don't issue any permits to burn. The permits don't cost anything. It's just giving you a place to call to if it's a good day to burn or not."

The number to call is 1-800-681-8760.

A fire near Monroe Road Tuesday reportedly started as a controlled burn but winds soon carried it to a nearby manufactured home, destroying it and its contents. No one was home, but the occupant lost two pets.

Volunteer firemen from North Forrest battled the blaze, but by the time they arrived, the home was fully engulfed.

Forrest county supervisors have called an emergency meeting wednesday to discuss the implementation of a burn ban...