Editorial: Sheriff and MDOT did the right thing

Editorial: Sheriff and MDOT did the right thing

Hats off to the Jones County authorities and the Mississippi Department of Transportation who immediately closed the road and railroad crossing in Eastabuchie where two serious car/train collisions took place Monday.

The first left a Seminary woman in critical condition Monday morning. The second left a man dead that afternoon. Two girls were killed at the same crossing recently as well in a tragic car and train accident.

The crossing is only a couple of hundred yards from a much busier crossing where crossing guard rails and lights were installed after a history of mayhem. There was talk of closing the lesser-used crossing a couple of years ago, but too many people complained.

Now there is no need for further discussion. Lost lives and broken bodies are just too high a price to pay for impatience, inconvenience, distractions and human error.

Decisive action needed to be taken, and it was - for that we salute those who made the decision to prevent further death and destruction.

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