Laurel officials say eight-plex not a priority

An eight-plex in the city of Laurel won't happen anytime soon, officials said Tuesday.

City Council President George Carmichael said plans to build the eight-plex are now on the back burner. The council received petitions signed by more than 1,600 registered voters calling for the council to bring the tax increase to a referendum. Carmichael says the council needs to use the tax payers' money in a more efficient way.

"Right now the council is not interested in having an election," said Carmichael. "The citizens, many of them, have spoke. Many of them didn't sign the petition, and they are not for this. We are going to have to go back and look at some things to where we can start looking at the water sewer problem and looking at some other type of ways to bring economic growth into the city of Laurel."

The council said it plans to come to a decision within the next few weeks.