State Republicans to donate Scruggs money

The Mississippi Republican Party says it will not keep over $27,000 it received from attorney Dickie Scruggs between 2002 and 2004.

State GOP Chairman Jim Herring said the party will donate the money to Boys and Girls Clubs around the state. Scruggs gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to both Democrats and Republicans alike for many years.

"I think this whole thing has tainted all of us," said Herring. "We need to see what we can do to learn from this event to make sure that the public understands the Mississippi Republican Party is not for sale, and I hope that other institutions he has funded would do the same thing."

Herring also called for an independent counsel to investigate the relationship between Scruggs and Hood.

Former Mississippi Attorney General Mike Moore has signed on to represent Zach Scruggs in his bribery conspiracy trial.

Zach scruggs' father plead guilty Friday to conspiring to bribe a circuit judge in exchange for a favorable ruling in a lawsuit over legal fees.

Moore says he has known Zach Scruggs since he was a little boy and feels he will be exonerated if his case ever goes to trial.