Mississippi chooses Obama, McCain

The Democratic presidential candidates now have just one target for the next few weeks, the April 22 Pennsylvania primary and 188 delegates.

Barack Obama is in Chicago today while Hillary Rodham Clinton will be in Washington.

Obama won Mississippi yesterday with 61 percent to rival Hillary Rodham Clinton's 37 percent of the vote.

Obama won roughly 90 percent of the black vote in Mississippi, but only about a quarter of the white vote.

He secured at least 17 of the state's 33 delegates. Obama says he's confident the Democratic party will be unified once a candidate is chosen.

Clinton's campaign, meanwhile, has congratulated Obama and says it is looking forward to campaigning around the country.

John McCain, who has already secured his party's nomination, earned 80 percent of the vote while defunct candidate Mike Huckabee earned 13 percent followed by Ron Paul with 4 percent.