Soldier gets time off to witness birth of triplets

Training at Camp Shelby in Mississippi for a

tour of duty in Iraq kept Matthew Cain of Little Rock, Arkansas

away from his wife Shannon for the past two months.

But it didn't keep him from being at the hospital when Shannon

Cain gave birth to triplet girls last week.

Matthew Cain, who holds the rank of specialist in the Arkansas

National Guard's 39th Infantry Brigade, has been in training at

Camp Shelby since early January.

The 39th is set to embark on its second deployment to Iraq this


Matthew Cain says he was -- qoute -- "blown away" after the

girls were delivered Tuesday by Caesarean section at Baptist

Medical Center.

The couple has named the babies Angelene Marie, Brooklynn Renee

and Christianne Elizabeth. They're being cared for in the

hospital's neonatal intensive care unit.

Matthew was granted emergency leave after the American Red Cross

contacted his unit with news of the impending births.

He drove all night in a rental car through rainstorms and heavy

winds and arrived while his wife was being prepped for surgery.

Family members said they plan to document as much of the girls'

growth as possible while Matthew is gone. He has set up Web cams to

visit with them over the Internet.