Editorial: Mississippi's Dropout Rate

One of the best ways to ensure difficulty in achieving success in today's information and technology driven society is to drop out of high school.

A lack of education makes for "a hard row to hoe" as the saying goes. Yet, did you know that one out of four students who start the ninth grade in Mississippi will drop out before they graduate? That's right, 25 percent of our teenagers won't even get a high school diploma, making our state ranking a stunning 47th out of 50 when it comes to high school drop outs.

And we wonder why Mississippi stays on the bottom rung in so many important categories. Thankfully, a group of educational, community and religious leaders have joined together to see what they can do about this terrible problem infecting our entire society.

They hope to have a plan of action statewide that will cut the dropout rate in half within five to seven years. We should all seek ways to get behind this plan and see it implemented. Our young people are our hope for the future. Their hope is to get an education and the knowledge and skills needed to take us-and them-forward.

I'm Jim Cameron and that's today's viewpoint.  Let us know what you think.

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