Home Products Show reveals stronger local home market

Organizers of the 11th Annual Home and Products Show in Hattiesburg are calling it a great success, saying more than 5,000 attended this year.

The three-day event, which featured more than 70 vendors, wrapped up Sunday. Organizers say this year's attendence showed the nationwide housing slump is not affecting the Hattiesburg area.

"Our attendence at this show has been up 25 percent from last year," said Lamar Evans, executive offiver of the Greater Hattiesburg Homebuilders Association. "And I think that's just significant, and it shows that the economy in the Hattiesburg area is doing well, especially in the housing industry."

The last tickets were sold for the 6th Annual Home Sweet Home Raffle for the United Way. The winning ticket will be drawn Matc 10 live on the WDAM.