Editorial: No To Cameras at Intersections

There's growing consideration by city governments around Mississippi about putting cameras at traffic intersections.

These traffic cams would be installed, not by the police, but by an independent contractor to catch on video anyone who runs a red light and to send them a ticket through the mail.

Not that we've seen large numbers of statistics that cite high fatality and serious injury related accidents at traffic lights, but no doubt it would be a great revenue generator for the cities.

We're all for safety. We do think this smacks of "Big Brother" constantly watching for you to make a misstep they can make money from. Neither are we sold on the safety aspect.

Some cities report accidents actually going up, because the minute people see a yellow light-knowing the eye in the sky is watching-they slam on brakes suddenly and get rear ended - sometimes resulting in a chain reaction.

I'm sure it can be argued either way, but in this guy's opinion, I hope we just say no to traffic cams around the Pine Belt.

I'm Jim Cameron, be sure and let us know what you think.

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