Training school employees concerned about jobs

Last Monday members of the Marion County Board of Supervisors and the mayor of Columbia visited Jackson to discuss the future of the Columbia Training School.

The school is set to be closed in less than three months and will become a drug and alcohol rehab center.

About 100 people are currently employed at the training school and have voiced concern over the status of their jobs. County officials were told if a rehab is opened in the schools location, several current employees will still be employed but will have to be trained. According to the mayor, there is nothing that can be done on the local level to keep the training school open.

"I have had a couple people come by and talk to me about it," said Columbia Mayor Harold Bryant. "Wanting me to do everything I could to keep it here, but there's not a whole lot i can do- that's going to be up to the legislature. I don't know that the House and Senate have voted to close it or not. I got word that the governor hasn't said it would be closed."

The 37 girls that are currently students at the school are set to be moved to Oakley Training School once the Columbia school closes.