Arson suspect apprehended

Three fires in Pearl River County were the work of one man, according to the Mississippi Forestry Commission.

Investigators arrested 35-year-old Chad Burton on three counts of arson Thursday. He's accused of setting two fires on his neighbor's property last fall and another fire this month.

The fires on Wildflower Circle burned fencing and destroyed woods near a home. Investigators say Burton and the neighbor had an ongoing dispute over the property line, and that prompted Burton to set the fires allegedly.

"Although they were less than an acre, they had the potential to be extremely dangerous," said Brandon Henry, a Fire Investigator for the state Forestry Commission. "There were no fire breaks between the victims' house and where the fires were set, so I believe it was a blessing to the victims that the fires didn't do more damage."

If convicted, Burton faces up to six years in prison plus fines and restitution. He is currently in the Pearl River County jail awaiting a bond hearing.