CDC sets public meetings to discuss trailer issues

Government scientists plan to meet with

Louisiana residents this month to discuss the recent findings of

dangerous levels of formaldehyde fumes in many occupied FEMA


On Thursday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said

fumes from 519 tested trailers and mobile homes in Louisiana and

Mississippi were, on average, about five times what people are

exposed to in most modern homes. Formaldehyde, a preservative

commonly used in construction materials, can lead to breathing

problems and is also believed to cause cancer.

The CDC plans to host seven meetings in south Louisiana,

beginning Feb. 25, that will include a presentation by a CDC

scientist and an opportunity for residents with health concerns to

speak one-on-one with government scientists and health


The meetings are set to be held February 25th, in Baker;

February 26th in New Orleans; February 27th in Chalmette and

Jefferson and February 28th in Lake Charles.

Two meetings have been scheduled in each New Orleans and Lake