Editorial: Deadly Stretch of Road

In a "7-On-Your-Side" report this week, we told you that some Jones County residents and officials are begging the Mississippi Department of Transportation to do something about a deadly stretch of road.

The location is a dangerous intersection on Magnolia Road and Highway 84 East of Laurel.  According to officials, there have been 75 accidents-including 4 fatalities-at this intersection since 2003.  M-DOT has finally decided to do a study to monitor the traffic flow in the upcoming weeks.

Beat Three Supervisor, Barry Saul, says the Jones County Supervisors have been sending letters to M-DOT for the last three years trying to get something done. All to no avail.

Commissioner Wayne Brown says it's a matter of not having the money to fix the problem. We think it's more a matter of priorities. If 75 accidents and 4 fatalities at one intersection don't cry out for immediate attention and solutions then someone has their priorities in the wrong place.

We hope something is done-and fast-at the Highway 84/Magnolia Road intersection. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to look at those numbers and know that we have a deadly stretch of road that should have already been taken care of.

I'm Jim Cameron.  That's today's Viewpoint...let us hear from you.

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