Bush comforts twister victims

RUSSELLVILLE, Ark. (AP) - An Arkansas pastor says a family killed by tornadoes that barreled through the South "wouldn't have wanted one to go without the other."

The three died as they tried to quiet their horses on their rural lot as the storm neared. Their funeral was held today. So many showed up to remember the family, the crowd overflowed into a gymnasium where peopled watched the service on TVs.

The funeral is among the first held for the 59 people killed by the storms.

President Bush toured the hardest-hit region today. He has declared major disasters in Tennessee and Arkansas, freeing federal funding for the regions.

The president visited Macon County, an area now saddled with picking up the pieces after the storms as well as worrying about looting, power shortages, and residents who are still missing.

Bush told residents of the poor, tobacco-farming area near the Kentucky border that, with a little help, the community "will come back better than before."