Phil Bryant says new sunshine law is "good, open government"

Lt. Governor Phil Bryant is happy with the new sunshine law for attorneys that was just passed in the Senate.  Bryant says Senate Bill 2188 is "good, open government" and he hopes the House will take it up soon.

The bill sets up new guidelines and restrictions for the Attorney General's office when hiring outside attorneys to work for the state.  Bryant spoke to us just before he spoke to the Walthall County Chamber of Commerce Saturday night.

"It will really save money for the taxpayers of this state and bring some control to this difficult judicial system that we are now facing, where lawyers it seems, are attempting to bribe judges for campaign contributions, have influenced decisions in the legal climate across the State of Mississippi" Bryant said.  "And we just need to say we've had enough of that and we're going to put some controls in place, where attorneys dealing with the State of Mississippi, they know those are tax dollars they are spending and they are going to have to get approval before they do so," he said.

Bryant's speech tonight was the first he's made outside of Jackson since he became Lt. Governor.