Editorial: Politics as Usual



January 24, 2008

Speaker Billy McCoy squandered a chance to elevate the Mississippi House of Representatives above petty good-ole-boy politics when he handed out committee chairmanships.  Human nature with its lust for power and control all too unfortunately led to the lowered expectation that McCoy would reward those who supported his re-election bid--and punish those who supported his challenger.  But a bigger man would have looked beyond his pettiness and reached out in a spirit of public service and non-partisanship and let bygones be bygones.  A statesman would have done that.  It seems that Billy McCoy is merely a politician-and not a very imaginative one, at that.

We do applaud the new Lt. Governor Phil Bryant for showing bipartisanship in his appointment of committee.  Democrats as well as Republicans will hold positions of power and influence in the Senate.  However, we regret that Bryant didn't show a similar generosity when it comes to region.  While South Mississippi did get some important chairmanships-Joey Fillingane of Sumrall and Tom King of Petal to name two-the real power in the Senate remains primarily, as always in the hands of North Mississippians.  Historically, South Mississippi is used to back seat treatment from lieutenant governors, but we expected better from a USM alumnus who gained much of his support in the election from South of Interstate 20.

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