Jones supervisors won't rush to close deadly RR crossing

Jones County supervisors say they will wait for public input before deciding whether to close a dangerous railroad crossing in the southern part of the county.

MDOT officials say they will do another survey to determine whether the North Eastabuchie crossing should be closed. It was the scene of a car-train accident last week in which two young girls were killed. MDOT and the reailroad tried to close the closing 7 years ago, but petitions from the public kept the county from closing the crossing.

Dial said: "It's a dangerous crossing and we hate that folks lost their lives, but basically, there's another crossing right close by and I know they put crossing bars up there. This crossing was there, been there a long time, it's a dangerous place, all of them is for that matter, but basically we'll listen to the wishes of the people."

Dial says the board chose to keep the road open a while back after receiving petitions not to close it.