Editorial: Political Poll



January 8, 2008

2008 is definitely here, and if you don't like change, you might want to brace yourself because it's happening.  We'll be talking throughout the session about the issues confronting the Mississippi legislature as a number of new faces become a part of our law-making body.  We have a new congressman to elect to replace Chip Pickering and long time Mississippi politician Trent Lott is no longer a fixture in the national legislative branch.  With him goes a lot of seniority and clout and we will have the task this year of choosing his permanent replacement.  But of course, on the national scene, the thing that is occupying the newscasts, news programs, and headlines is the race for a Democratic and Republican presidential nominee.  There's quite a few choices on both sides and all eyes have been on the Iowa Caucus and the New Hampshire primary with the national media ready to anoint who ever makes the best showing on those states the only ones with a shot at the nomination.  And they do have a lot of history to back them up.  But you know, while I understand how the system works to a degree, there's just a little something that goes against my grain that two states that have little in common with a lot of other states should have that much power in deciding who the next candidates should be.  I think we've still got a lot more to here from them all...more specifics need to be nailed down...more debates heard...and frankly more reasoned discourse than we're likely to get.  Already the negative attack ads proliferate, just as they did in the past year's statewide election in Mississippi.  This is time in our history is far too critical to let emotion, momentum or pundits make the choice.  It may be irrelevant to the nation parties and the national media what Mississippians think...but it is important to us.  We have set up a poll on WDAM.com listing all the candidates still in the race for both parties.  We invite you to go to our website and cast your vote for the candidate you think, at this moment in time, you would most like to see elected President.  It won't be scientific...but it should be interesting.  We'll keep you up to date on both our website and the air as to how it goes over the next few days.   I'm Jim Cameron...let us hear from you.